16 Dogs That Are Just So Over Christmas Already

16 Dogs That Are Just So Over Christmas Already

There’s a gigantic stick in the living room that can’t be fetched and delicious-smelling things like BarkBoxes all wrapped up underneath the giant stick. These pups are very confused about Christmas and have had enough holiday spirit to last a lifetime.

1. “If I hear ‘All I Want For Christmas’ one more time, I’m breaking the radio.”

2. “I just looked at the calorie count on the Christmas pudding. WHY DO I TORTURE MYSELF?!”

3. “I don’t do hats. Ever.”

4. “I still don’t understand why we have Holiday game night at Grandma’s every year. And why I have to wear this shirt to it.”

5. “No, I’m not posing with these THINGS on my head.”

6. “Omg, who’s birthday is today that I have to wear this cone thing again????”

7. “Did you text the picture to Aunt Theresa? Great, can I puhleeeze take this off now?”

8. “If I start farting, do you think that’s a big enough hint for all of them to go home?”

9. “If cousin Joe sings another round of ‘Deck The Halls,’ I’m getting a hat to cover my other ear.”

10. It’s the most… embarrassing time… of the year.

11. “Why does Santa get all the cookies and milk???” #HeNeverGivesMeWhatIWantAnyways

12. “I’m already downstairs, I’m NOT going back up just because you didn’t hit record the first time.” #IWannaOpenMyPresents #SoDeal

13. “I’m a Scrooge. I can live with that.”

14. “I’m not happy with the artistic direction of this year’s holiday card.”

15. “I’m not either.”

16. “I’m not moving until it’s after New Year’s.” #IHateDecember #ItsJustTooMuchForAPupOnABudget

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