17 Ways Dogs Accept You Just The Way You Are

17 Ways Dogs Accept You Just The Way You Are

Dog owners know that unconditional love is found in the face of a dog. Your dog thinks you’re the bee’s knees and the cat’s pup’s pajamas.

Dogs think you’re perfect just the way you are… no matter what.

1. Dogs won’t judge you for practicing your smile in the mirror.

2. They understand the power that overtakes you when your jam comes on.

3. Dogs don’t care if you phone in a workout.

4. Or if you went a little too hard at the club one night.

5. Even if it’s a beautiful day outside, but you’re still like, “NOPE. Not today, day. Not today.” Your dog won’t make you feel bad about it.

6. Dogs don’t care if you tell your friends you’re stuck in traffic, when really you haven’t left yet.

7. They don’t care you’re kind of a pervert.

8. Dogs don’t judge how excited you get every time the Magic Mike XXL trailer comes on.

9. Or that you try to practice their moves right after watching it.

10. And they think it’s cool you can eat a large sized pizza in one sitting, all by yourself!

11. Your dog doesn’t care if your clothes from last summer don’t fit as well as they used to.

12. A dog would never interrupt your Netflix-binge by making you confirm that you would like to “Continue Playing” even after watching 3 seasons in a row. Did my play button stutter, Netflix??

13. Dogs don’t care if you had no one to talk to at the party.

14. Or if you blew the big meeting at work today.

15. If someone says you can’t, your dog says you can!

16. If someone puts you down, your dog will bring you up!

17. When the world tells you “no,” your dog tells you “yes!”

Basically, every one needs to get a dog, because they do wonders for your self esteem.