19 Dogs Who Don’t Think They’re Dirty

19 Dogs Who Don’t Think They’re Dirty

Let’s face it, your idea of clean enough doesn’t always jibe with your dog’s. The pups below try to explain their way out of sticky and muddy situations.

19. Whaddya mean I can’t sleep in your bed like this?

18. “Doc told me I need mud for my delicate skin condition.”

17. “I’m not saying you needed help. I’m saying you looked like you did.”

16. “Wait, how did you know I walked on the white carpet?”

15. “The dirt attacked me, I swear. I was lucky to get out of the yard alive.”

14. “I know I left my keys in here somewhere…”

13. “The cat said you’d be cool with this. No?”

12. “Oh-oh, say can you see! Just kidding, I can’t see anything. Am I clean or dirty?”

11. “You know Tuesday’s my spa day.”

10. “You can wash me, if you can find me under this camouflage.”

9. “The horse did it.”

8. “So what you’re saying is a mud bath doesn’t count as a bath? Now you tell me!”

7. “Don’t distract me. I’m doing a dramatic reenactment of the Loch Ness monster.”

6. “So, funny story…remember that puddle you told me not to go into?”

5. “Woo! That freaky 10-second sandstorm came outta nowhere.”

5. “Are you saying ‘No’ or ‘Go?’ Oh well, I’ll just use my best judgment.”

4. “All I’m saying is, have you smelled your own butt today?”

3. “Hee hee hee hee.”

2. “In summation, we plead the Fifth.”

1. “Nobody’s perfect.”