dog in hat
1. Herbert: From the shelter to the catwalk.
Source: Toots Uncommon
2. Tootsie Roll is a badass.
3. For the canine that’s ready to settle down.
4. & 5. “WE LOVE SCARVES!”
Source: Pugs N Giggles
6. “Not sure if this was in the adoption contract.”
7. “I know I look happy, but I am pretty sure this thing is going to eat my face.”
Source: Poochie Pantz
8. This lovely lady is so grateful her human didn’t show her face.
9. Not this girl though. She may have bladder problems, but she doesn’t care who knows it.
10. “Bonjour. Banjo would like a crêpe.”
11. Richard Simmons has nothing on this flat-faced cutie.
12. She may look stunning, but she can’t even bring herself to look at the camera.
Source: Silly Buddy
Source: Vintage Show
14. You know he’s only doing this for the meal afterwards.
Source: Sweethoots
15. Pickles would prefer that the turkey be in his mouth. (The entire shop is worth a look).
16. Ring bearer dog is ashamed.
Source: Puppy1Love
17. Mona loves sweater weather, obviously.
18. The wind machine is a nice touch.
19. Someone get this guy an agent, pronto.
Source: lenapavia
19. Mazel tov!
Source: Paw Apparel
20. Giddy up, cowboy.
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20 Dogs Who Used Etsy To Launch Their Modeling Careers

Etsy is an amazing resource for handmade goods all across the world. And for some pups, it’s their chance to strut their stuff and model their owners’ items. Some dogs revel in the spotlight, and some would prefer to be anywhere else.

Featured image via Courtanai