Source: @wheelertheweim
When you forget the living room is a communal space. Classic Wheeler.
Never underestimate a Weimaraner's ability to take up every inch of the couch.
Source: @skiboo3
When you use one of those Xlerator hand dryers in public bathrooms & you're like "woah I was not ready for a blast of that intensity"
Source: @ashthedimeweim
"Sorry Ashton didn't mean to disturb you while you were mid-derp."
Source: @salemtheweim
When your human farts on YOU this time & you're like "do you even understand how intense my sense of smell is how dare you"
When you're trying to remember the choreography to "Thriller" but you rusty
When bae comes on too strong...
Source: @tiaoweimaraner
Trying to remember your Apple ID password like...
Source: @wizb77
Just two Weims gettin clean
And here are two more Weimaraners in shower caps because why not?
Source: @oliviatheweimi
When you get summoned for jury duty.
You know what they say, the sun never sets on a badass.
When you get to the BBQ & there's no ketchup.
Source: @remi_the_weim
"Oh good. It's dirty. Perfect."
Source: @weim_mama
"What? Dis my favorite place to fart."
Source: @blueweimy
Whoops, this is actually a picture of me at parties. Sorry don't know how that got in here...
When your human offers you a treat, but then it's just a baby carrot, and you're like, "OK I think we're starting to use the word treat a little loosely".
Source: @thelazyweims
When you try to look casual in a picture but you overthink what to do with your face.
Source: @penelopeweim
When you gotta use the bathroom but you just heard your roommate double flush.
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20 Of The Weirdest Weimaraners On The Web

I always thought Weimaraners were these distinguished, dapper doges who modeled in fashion magazines. Turns out, they are TOTAL derps. In order to prove that to you, I took it upon myself to scour the internet for the weirdest Weims. So without further ado, let’s get weird.

Featured image via @penelopeweim