21 Dogs Who Are NOT Ready For Their Closeups

21 Dogs Who Are NOT Ready For Their Closeups

If you’re one of those humans who looks good in photos, congratulations. Must be nice.

The rest of us have to deal with the paralyzing anxiety that the words, “Let’s take a picture!” can induce. Group pictures are especially horrible, because then you know you’ll stick out in a sea of smiles as the derpiest of the bunch.

These dogs feel our pain. Here are 21 dogs who are seriously not ready for a closeup.

1 and 2. There is zero that can be done to rectify the derp on this face.

3. “I regret the day you decided I was part of this family.”


5. “This is my smiley face.”

6. “Where’s my halo? YOU FORGOT MY HALO.”

7. “Before you ask, yes, we have the same hairdresser.”

8. “I stay because he feeds me steak every once in a while. Otherwise I’d quit him so hard.”

9. “I hate everything right now.”

10. This is what the internet was made for.

Awkward Family Photos

11. “Is it too late to be unadopted?”

12 and 13. “I said. NO. PICTURES.”

via Rover

via Rover

14, 15, and 16. “WE DON’T EVEN KNOW THESE HUMANS.”

17. “I’m going to Photoshop myself out of this one later.”

18. “For once I’d like to be a normal dog and wrap myself in cat poop and filth. Is that alright with you, Susan?”

19 and 20. “Maybe if I shut my eyes hard enough I can pretend I’m not part of this family.”

21. Yep, this one’s going into the family album.

via Imgur

via Imgur

Featured image via Rover