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"Not feeling so Super right now, to be honest."
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"Does this tutu make my butt look big?"
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"We're dogs. Please don't make us surrender our species."
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"No...seriously. Please just don't."
“As kings and queens of this picnic table we demand you remove these costumes.”
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"You could have at least used real meatballs!"
"Wasn't Comic Con enough for you humans???"
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19 Dogs Who Absolutely Detest Halloween

In our experience, our pups aren’t the biggest fans of Halloween. Perhaps it’s the clothing we squeeze their furry little bums into, or maybe it’s just the fact that they see all of the two-legged kids in the fam filling their pumpkins with treats. Here are some surly pups who probably DIDN’T get treats when they went trick-or-treating.

Featured image via Chuba and Company