33 Giant Dogs Being Held Like Babies

33 Giant Dogs Being Held Like Babies

We feed them, we bathe them, we clean up their poo… When you think about it, there’s not *too* much of a difference between pups and babes. Except maybe the fact that our four-legged family members go searching for treats in the litter box. (Although you never know about those toddlers.)
A few weeks back we asked for BarkBoxers to submit their favorite photos of their giant four-legged family members being held like babies. We can’t decide if it’s precious, hilarious, or both. ; ) (Above, #33, is from Amanda I.)


“Carry me to the couch, mamz? My paws are tired.”



“This chair is perfect. Just the right amount of space for my paws and the perfect rest for my bum.”


From Yana M.



“Totally get more ear scratches up here.”



“Can I take a nap here, mom? I think the cat’s hiding under the bed.”



“Whaddya mean you can’t see holding me like this?”






“Lemme know if your arms get tired, mamz. I can switch to the other hip.”



“Quit takin’ pictures and get back to reading The BarkPost, mamz.”






“This is my preferred mode of transportation.”



“Spoiled? Not I.”



“MOM! Go over there! I see a cat!”



“”Yes, I’m a lap dog. Whatchu gotta say ’bout it?”



“Toddlers of the world? I challenge you to look this adorable.”


From Amy T.



“He knows I’m a precious nugget of joy.”


From Dara M.



“Duh-huh duh-huh huhhuhhuh. I ruv you mom.”



“Dis a nice pillow.”



“Hey mamz, can I go swimmin’?”



“Ees okay. You can use mah nose as a pillow.”



“Whatchu mean I’m a big lap dog?”



“Enough with the kisses, mom. Sheesh.”



“View is much nicer up here.”



“Man I ruv watching 101 Dalmations with you.”



“Best seat in the house.”



“Papz, I’ll never grow too old for dis.”



“This hike is great.”



“Neighbor’s cat is being a bully, mom.”



“Can I have som treats, toooo?”


From Nina M.



“Told you I wasn’t too big.”


From Jena W.



“Hey, can someone bring me that crumb the kid just dropped on the ground over there?”


From Ari M.



“Ok, now put me on as a backpack.”



“Alright, let’s make this a permanent thing, mmkay?”