’90s Dawg Stars: Where Are They Now?

’90s Dawg Stars: Where Are They Now?

Ah, the ’90s. It was the decade of Nintendo, Nickelodeon, and a whole lotta time wasted messing with dial-up connections. It was also the era that gave us some of the most iconic pups in doggy history. Movies, books, cartoons — dogs appeared everywhere.

Image via Frank's World

Image via Frank’s World

With the reappearance of overalls and crop tops, the ’90s nostalgia that’s gripped pretty much everyone lately has made us wonder: what would the most-loved dogs of the ’90s be doing now?

(Disclaimer: This is all speculation. Most of these doges aren’t real, anyway.)

Spike from Rugrats…

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Image via MUBI

…Got tired of being dragged into toddler adventures, so he ran away to a retirement community where he mostly sleeps and cuddles with residents.

Chance and Shadow from Homeward Bound…

Image via SkyMovies

Image via SkyMovies

…Developed a GPS app for pets, so no dogs would ever have to travel cross country to find their hoomans again. It got bought by Google, where Sassy actually works as a receptionist.

Air Bud…

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Image via The Disney Wiki

…Burned out after his athletic career tanked when he became involved in a catnip scandal. He now teaches high school gym.

101 Dalmatians…

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Image via liliesgrace

…Were FINALLY rescued from their animal hoarding situation. They were re-homed, mostly to families with cats and no dogs.

Milo and Otis…

…Were so respected for their communication skills, they became Ambassadors for the United Nations.

All Dogs Go to Heaven…

…Got kicked out. Again. Thanks Charlie. Way to hump an angel’s leg.

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Image via Clipart Panda

…Dropped off the grid before Y2K hit. No one has seen him since.

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Image via Wikipedia

The Taco Bell Dog…

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Image via stuffpoint

…Became an immigration advocate after being deported, even though he was born in the U.S. He now spearheads initiatives where Chihuahuas are flown legally over borders.

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Image via Stanford News


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Image via Livejournal

…Joined Renfair, but never reads. He doesn’t actually know how.

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…Profiles serial killers and acts as freelance consultant for Law and Order SVU.

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Image via Jeremy Irons

Astro from The Jetsons…

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Image via fuzfeed

…Time traveled back to tell us the iPhone 6 is a waste of space.

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Image via cnet

Ren and Stimpy…

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Image via Remix

…Work for the NSA.

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Image via mental_floss


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Image via CatDog Wiki

…Are employed by a lobby that represents the interests of genetic researchers to Congress.

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Image via End The Lie

Odie from Garfield…

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Image via HD wpapers

…Opened an Italian restaurant. There are no cats allowed on the premises.

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…Got involved in way too many paternity suits, so he got himself neutered.


…Went blonde in ’02 just to mix up his look and ended up modeling.

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Image via BarkPost

Pete the Pup from The Little Rascals

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Image via Chelsea Dogs

…Is a commentator for NASCAR. He maintains Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a great big pussy-cat.

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Image via Nascar


h/t to Nicole Gabriel for her pawsome collaboration skills!