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1. "Yeah, he's definitely not getting my number."
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2. "PETER!?!? IS THAT YOU?!"
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3. "Let this never come up at the office!"
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4. "Please tell me we're not related."
5. "What happens on this couch... stays on the couch." #WhoInvitedTheCat
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6. "Please tell me that's not Jessica behind me, please tell me that's not Jessica."
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7. "How do I leave without them noticing?! Poop they're awake AREN'T THEY?!"
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8. "Never. Drinking. Toilet Water. Again."
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9. "Well... at least she's cute"
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10. "Yeah this one's going to be a stage 4 clinger."
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11. "What has my life become?!" #WakeUpAndExistentialCrisis
Source: @HarlowandSage
12. "I think I gots a new bae guys."
13. "Maybe if I leave now they won't notice?!"
14. "They always get clingy after the first date."
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15. "She didn't mean anything to me, I swear."
16. "Ugh."
Source: @styledemocracy
17. "He said NETFLIX AND CHILL! How was I supposed to know?"
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17 Dogs Who Need To Talk About Last Night

We’ve all been there, (okay maybe we haven’t but still), that moment when you wake up after a night of hitting the water bowl a little too hard and roll over and… WHO IS THAT BALL OF FUR LYING NEXT TO YOU? I think it’s time we had a little chat about what happened last night…

Featured image via @HarlowandSage