Source: Marcel LeCorgi
1. “Just peed on a basilisk head. 10 points for Gryffindor or what?”
Source: Animal Cosplay
2. “Firebolt’s taste the best, but the Nimbus 200 are also a great fetch.”
Source: Instagram
3. “Not sure if it’s 12 in dog years or hooman years, but I wait for the post every day.”
4. “I hear Hufflepups are extra loyal.”
5. “Do I look like I’m scared of a three-headed dog? Please.”
6. “Padfoots make brilliant students.”
7. “I solemnly swear I am up to no good.”
8. “Waiting and wand-ering if I will ever get in.”
Source: elyssacrosby
9. “I just hope me mum never sends me a Growler.”
Source: princess.gracie
10. “Is there a position open in Defense against the Dark Barks?”
Source: MiloDog2012
11. “One day, I’ll have a real invisibility cloak.”
Source: tm_reynolds
12. “I haven’t quite learned how to manage my mischief yet.”
13. “Can I still be admitted even if I’m Puggle-born?”
Source: Tales of Teddy
14. “I’m Nearly ‘Shed-less’ Nick, why wouldn’t I be a Gryffindor?”
Source: Dancing Cavy
15. “But digging up the yard is for my Herbology course!”
16. “I can’t actually read, but I sure am charming.”
Source: Favim
17. “Sorry you stepped in my Philosopher’s Stones this morning.”
Source: bhbiii
18. “I’m just want to go for the endless feasts.”
19. “Don’t tell, but my plan is to transform every cat into a bowl of treats.”
Source: sharpeijoey
20. “I simply cannot wait for some bellyrubs from Hagrid.”
21. “See? Crafty and tasteful. Obvious Ravenpaw.”
22. "Some call me Neville Longestbottom.”
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22 Wizardly Dogs Who’d Rather Play Quidditch Than Fetch

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Featured Image via Jasperisms