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Source: Facebook
1. Even the pups are working their best blue steel pose.
2. Well hello there, Mrs. Claus.
Source: Vet Street
3. “Not. Funny.”
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4. It’s nice to choose a color theme for your family pawtraits.
5. Spot the embarrassed Dalmatians.
Source: Vet Street
6. …and a partridge in a pear tree.
Source: Facebook
7. Say cheese – yep, even you in the middle!
Source: Daily Mail
8. You know they waited all year for that very moment.
9. They had matching blow-dries just before this photo was taken.
Source: Daily Mail
10. Mary, Joseph and baby Frenchie…that’s how the story goes, right?
11. “I’m ready for my close-up.”
Source: Pleated Jeans
12. Yerp, a real head-scratcher.
Source: Conan Cam
13. “You get a Maltese, and you get a Maltese – EVERYONE GETS A MALTESE!”
Source: Meme Kid
14. Not even sure what to say here, really.
15. We all think our dogs are angels…
16. Behold, the male, dog-loving version of a cat lady.
Source: Meme Kid
17. “Once you take this photo, I’m going to go poop under your bed.”
Source: Team Jimmy Joe
18. Yikes… YIKES.
19. It’s the ties that bind us.
Source: Swide
20. ‘Tis the season to be really, really jolly.
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20 Awkward Family Photos Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To See

Some family photos are picture pawfect, while others need to be deleted from the hard drive immediately – but not until we’ve shared them here. We can only hope that most of these are outtakes from holiday cards… otherwise, eesh. Sorry, pup!

Cue 2009-ish viral meme nostalgia and enjoy the excruciating pawkwardness.