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TFW everyone got the invite but you’re the only one who dressed for the “Royal Garden Party” theme.
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"Watch your throne, Misty Copeland, I’M COMING FOR YA."
"Nope, false alarm. That wasn't a sneeze; my face is just stuck like this."
"Who you calling 'Shorty?'"
"Oh, you don’t have a prom date, either? It would be such a shame for BOTH of us to go stag, you know?"
"I’m gonna need less of you talking and more of you bringing me the Pepto Bismol, okay, Jonathan?"
When you sleep with your tongue out, your dreams taste more bacon-y! #DogLogic
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"Let me know when you want to come to Crossfit with me, ok? OKAY?!?"
Right before you realize no one told you that you had something on your face all day and you question who your friends are.
"You’re not going to freeze my bra while I sleep this time… right?"
"My mom wants me to get braces, but like I’ll totally die if I don’t get Invisalign you know? YEARBOOK PICTURES ARE FOREVER."
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TFW your bae brings you take-out and you’re not hangry anymore
"If I wear these flowers, it’s like I’m at Coachella even though I’m really at Shop-Rite buying Lean Cuisine for me and my Mom!"
TFW your new boo comes over to surprise you with lunch but it’s noon and you’re still in the PJs your mom bought you for Christmas
TFW no one’s home and you can listen to One Direction instead of the indie crap you pretend you like
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16 Awkward Pit Bulls With “Resting Doofus Face”

Ahh, Pit Bulls. Loyal, lovable, velvety, and surprisingly, awkward. But they can’t help it — their faces are just stuck that way.

Featured image via @tuff_sausage