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"When we get home I'm spending my entire afternoon spinning in circles -- just so you know!"
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I totally wouldn't mess up your name like those hooman baristas do. That is, if I knew how to write...
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Not even coffee can change my resting dog face.
"One more cup, please. I'm starting to see through time."
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"I still don't know how hoomans can prefer this to toilet water..."
"Hyper? Who's hyper?? Not me, I'll tell ya that. "
"What do you mean you're out of coffee?"
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"Is that coffee I smell? I mean, I'm a dog, you know I can smell that you have it."
"I told you not to speak to me until I have my morning cup."
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"We're not addicted, we swear! But...more coffee would be really, really great. Just saying."
"Fill 'er up! With extra milk, please. Hold the poop."
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"Sleep? What is sleep?"
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"Um, hello. I would like a pumpkin spice latte please? No whip. I'm watching my figure."
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"I'm so energized right now! Seriously, does anyone want me to sort their sock drawer or do their taxes for them or something?"
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"Brooklyn coffee shops are so intimidating, but I think I fit the part. I could use a flannel shirt though."
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"Mmm, espresso. Now I feel like working on my novel. Her wet nose presses against my fur..."
Source: @vinniefrenchie
Aaaand I'm crashing. Time to take a nap.
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18 Dogs Who Had Way Too Much Coffee Today

It’s National Coffee Day, and you know what that means: time to binge on coffee and then inevitably crash after lunchtime. Fortunately, these dogs are doing all the work for us. Didn’t anyone teach them to only have one cup a day?

Disclaimer: Caffeine is terrible for dogs. Seriously. Don’t ever give them coffee.

Featured image via Lindsay Attaway