The filter on this image is called "competition".
Rumor has it small dogs can go seven minutes without blinking (this is false).
The dog won this staring contest because food > losing.
Our money is on the Bulldog. Sorry, human.
Staring contests are child's play (do you see what I did there?).
This contest has been going on for the past two years. Still no sign of relenting from either party.
Source: @chanelalisa
"Look into my eyes, tiny human. I didn't poop in master's shoes. You did that. Do you understand? Now repeat what I said."
If we were this dog, we'd be staring at this guy, too.
Are they staring into each other's souls? Are they gazing into each other's spirits?
"Put me on this bed or else I'll never let you blink again." - this dog
"Why does human have back hair on face? I think I'll stare at it...forever."
Source: @megan_moger
"I'm counting all the boogers in your nose, human. It'll take awhile."
Source: @jduarte732
...And then they made out.
Source: @mjonesie82
"You starin' at me?" "I don't know, are you starin' at me?" "You starin' at me?" "I don't know are you starin' at---"
Source: @brantleycowan
"That's right. That's my paw gliding gently up your thigh. This game just got a lot more interesting."
Source: @dtrainzilla
Three years later and the dog finally realizes his human was actually a statue.
This one wins hands down.
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Who Would Win In A #StaringContest, You Or Your Dog?

It’s no secret that dogs are superior to humans in almost every way, shape, and form. Well, aside from the whole “opposable thumbs” and “can go to college” nonsense. When put to the challenge, dogs can run faster, shed more, and in some cases, win a staring contest against their human.

Think you can win a staring contest against your dog? Tweet a photo of you and your dog in a stare-down @BarkPost and we may feature it on our page!