Source: White House
1. Marking his territory to keep humans off the grass.
2. Implementing agility training for all secret service personnel.
Source: Zimbio
3. Arf Arf! Answering questions for the press.
4. Attending all briefings to ensure all paws are on deck.
Source: Pop Sugar
5. Taking the family out for a walk at least once a day.
Source: US News
6. Keeping an ear out for any mention of kitty threats.
Source: People Pets
7. Shaking paws with new furends.
Source: Pop Sugar
8. Chasing away any unauthorized squirrels.
Source: @whitehouse
9. Investigating any stray balls found in the Oval Office.
Source: US News
10. Making sure no window goes unwatched.
Source: HuffPo
11. Sniffing all staff for crumbs, and other dangerous materials.
Source: Pop Sugar
12. Keeping an eye out for any tail raising activities.
Source: Politico
13. Screening the room for party crashers.
Source: csmonitor
14. Making sure no humans or wildlife scurry past security.
Source: HuffPo
15. Testing any and all available food.
Source: CS Monitor
16. Making sure each flight is equipped with pillows and puppy treats.
17. Being the President’s right hand Dog.
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17 Ways Bo Obama Has Protected The White House For 7 Years

First Dog Bo Obama has many duties: Licking visiting dignitaries, choosing the White House Christmas tree by peeing on it, the list goes on and on. But, few members of the puplick know about his position as top dog on the Presidential security team. BarkPost has exclusively obtained recently declassified PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of Bo’s covert operations.*

While Bo makes his job seem effortless, being man’s best friend still has its perks. The First Dog is often rewarded for his services with belly rubs, leftovers from state dinners, and the occasional shopping spree. Only the best for Bo!

*And by that, we mean we have no affiliation with the White House. At all. Just thought these were cute. Enjoy. 😉