croissant sharpei
I love bread. I love dogs. Whether you prefer Frenchie toast, or Pit(a) Bulls, may these bread dogs and dog breads bring you joy!
Source: Imgur
A Pugpernickel loaf.
It's it a crumpet?
Source: Cute Images
We're NOT in bread! Oh wait.
Source: Imgur
Add some paneer to this naan and make this bad boy a Grilled Chi's.
Source: Kaelin Bell
Blueberry Chihuahuas are delicious and full of antipawxidents.
Source: Reddit
I knead this Doge in my life.
Nice try, English muffin.
Source: Motley News
"I am HOLE GRAIN, get it???"
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Dogs That Look Like Bread. And Vice Versa. Because The Internet.