Microsoft’s New CaptionBot Doesn’t Know What To Make Of Corgi Butts

Microsoft’s New CaptionBot Doesn’t Know What To Make Of Corgi Butts

You might have heard of Microsoft’s newest A.I., CaptionBot, which analyzes pictures and writes a nifty caption for them. Although fairly accurate for the most part, we discovered one fatal flaw in the system: it doesn’t understand Corgi butts.

Most people are well-aware of the fluffy posterior of the Corgi rump and, yes, some of us might have a strange obsession with it (so floofy…). But after running more than 20+ pictures of Corgi bums into CaptionBot, we came to a startling discovery: CaptionBot is not only confused by Corgi butts, it finds it obscene.

Most of the pictures we ran through CaptionBot came back with vague captions too coy to truly describe the magnificence of butt fluff:

capbot-7 capbot-8

At one point, CaptionBot thought we were uploading porn.


Excuuuse me, CaptionBot? Corgi butts are never inappropriate.

When CaptionBot wasn’t clutching its pearls at the supposed vulgarness of Corgi tushies, it often got confused and thought it was looking at a picture of a cat:

capbot-10 capbot-14 capbot-15 capbot16 capbot-17 capbot-6

And when it wasn’t confusing Corgi bums for cats, it was confusing Corgi bums for horses:


Or a bear.


Or a horse and a cat.


Or, even better, several bears and a cat.


Oh, CaptionBot. You’ll never understand human intelligence until you embrace the magic and intrigue of the Corgi butt.


Featured image (corgi) via @leonshmeon