WINNER! #CaptionThis Photo Of A Malamute Contemplating His Existence

WINNER! #CaptionThis Photo Of A Malamute Contemplating His Existence

Update 4/29:

For the past few days we’ve worked tirelessly as we sorted through hundreds of caption submissions, sometimes skipping meals, sleep, and even showers to get the job done. And now here we are, stinky and on the verge of starvation, presenting to you the winner of this cycle’s #CaptionThis contest!

But first, some honorable mentions:

Nae Taylor, who captured the age-old question that still confounds dogs today.


Ross Syme, who captured this Malamute’s highbrow taste in cuisine.


Tasha Johnson, who made us totally want to hang out with this dog.


David Lebis, who then squashed our dreams by reminding us that Malamutes are mad clingy.


Lena Montgomery, who tapped into that sudden epiphany that hits us all during a mid-life crisis and/or bender.


And now, the winner of this cycle’s #CaptionThis contest is (drum roll, please) — Stella Erwin


Hey, as they say, dogs make great therapists.

Congratulations, Stella! Enjoy that $25 gift card to BarkShop! Have a great weekend, everyone! We’re going to go take a much-needed shower. Until next time…

Original post:

Our #CaptionThis contest is back, and you know what that means: another chance for a lucky person to win some BarkShop swag! Here’s how to enter.

Simply write your caption in the comment section and we’ll announce our favorite submission this Friday. Winner gets a $25 gift card to BarkShop! This week’s picture is a wise-looking Malamute who’s pondering life’s biggest questions while swirling around a toilet-flavored brandy (I can only assume). Although, let’s be honest, he’s probably just thinking about cheese.

Anyway, here are some caption examples to get you started:

captionthis-2-version interesting-dog-caption-1

Think you can do better than that? Post your funny captions below. Good luck!

Featured image via @nicklowther1/Twitter