WINNER! #CaptionThis Photo Of A Poodle’s Unforgettable First Slide Ride

WINNER! #CaptionThis Photo Of A Poodle’s Unforgettable First Slide Ride

Update 4/1:

We ciphered through hundreds of your submissions for the past two days, which wasn’t easy since most of you thought this picture was “mean” (the dog is fine, we swear!), but we managed to narrow it down to our top favorites below.

From Lauren Lisbeth Miller:

From Marcel Gingras:


From @evacnusbaum:


And our winner for this week’s #CaptionThis contest is — drum roll, please — Becca Trinks!


Ahh, so simple, yet so effective. Enjoy your $25 BarkShop gift card, Becca!

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It’s time for BarkPost Humor‘s weekly #CaptionThis contest! Which means another chance for you to win a $25 BarkShop gift card!

You know the drools (that’s drill + rules), just write your kick-arse captions in the comments section and we’ll announce the lucky winner this Friday!

Here’s some examples to get your creative juices flowing…

Happy captioning! And may the paws be ever in your favor.
Featured image via sebastianjokes/Imgur