WINNER! #CaptionThis Photo Of An Adorable Puppy Being An Adorable Jerk

WINNER! #CaptionThis Photo Of An Adorable Puppy Being An Adorable Jerk

Update 7/15:

We looked through all your (mostly fart related) captions, and we picked our winner! But first, some honorable mentions:

jerkpuppy-runnerup-3 jerkpuppy-runnerup-2 jerkpuppy-runnerup-1

And now, winner of this cycle’s #CaptionThis contest is…this guy! (Sorry, we don’t have his name.)


Congratulations, stranger! Enjoy that $25 gift card to BarkShop! (Fortunately, we have his/her email address.) Until next time.

Welcome to another installment of our #CaptionThis contest, where your dog obsession and sense of humor can finally come in handy for once. Here’s how to enter.

Simply write your caption in the comment section and we’ll announce our favorite submission this Friday. Winner gets a $25 gift card to BarkShop! This week’s picture, uploaded by Reddit user lionzion, shows an adorable Jack Russell puppy doing what he does best: eliminating the competition. There can be only one.

Here are some caption examples to get you started:

captionthis-puppyjerk-2 captionthis-puppyjerk-1

Surely you can do better than that. Submit your captions below!