WINNER! #CaptionThis Photo Of A Puppy With A Lethal Stink Eye

WINNER! #CaptionThis Photo Of A Puppy With A Lethal Stink Eye

Update 6/24/16:

We asked you to caption this photo of a stink-eyed puppy, and after going through the submissions, one of you seriously had one of the best friggin’ captions ever. But first, some honorable mentions.

This one comes from Jillian Krake, lover of memes:


And this one, from Monty Todd, captured the adorableness of vulgarity. Awww.


And this one, submitted by Linda G Falcon, understood the “bitch face” struggle.


And finally, our winner for this cycle’s #CaptionThis contest is — drum roll, please — Larissa Cantarella!


Easily one of our favorite captions ever. Congratulations, Larissa! Enjoy that $25 gift card to BarkShop! You deserve it.

Until next time.

Original post:

Welcome to another installment of our #CaptionThis contest, an easy way to fuel your “dog pictures” obsession while also winning some Bark swag in the process! Here’s how to enter.

Simply write your caption in the comment section and we’ll announce our favorite submission this Friday. Winner gets a $25 gift card to BarkShop! This week’s picture, uploaded by Imgur user Jabberwocky666, is a stink-eyed puppy who is not happy with you right now. Seriously, I would sleep with one eye open with this pup around.

Anyway, here are some caption examples to get you started:

captionthis-puppy-stink-eye-3 stink-eye-puppy-2

Surely you can do much better than that. Post your captions below, and good luck!