BarkBox Is About To Make Your Cat’s Dreams Come True

BarkBox Is About To Make Your Cat’s Dreams Come True

Most of you are probably familiar with BarkBox – our subscription service of quirky toys and delicious treats that gets delivered to lucky pups each month.

ziggy barkbox

Since the time we sent out our very first box, feline fans have called, protested, and furiously inquired about why we don’t have a box for cats. We’ve even seen these critters go to some EXTREME measures to capture a box of their own.
Well, after dodging thousands millions of requests, we’ve decided to give the cats what they’ve been meowing for…. CatBox.

CatBox (eerily similar to BarkBox) will be a monthly subscription box delivered right to your door.

Here’s How It Works!

Personalize your box according to your fuzzbutt’s size and interests.
Place your order and keep those ears perked up! It should be on it’s way…
Before you know it…it’ll be CatBox Day!
Once your box arrives dump everything out, and give everything to your dog.

barkbox giph

And voila, now it’s a CatBox.
cat box
Puppies > Cats Arffways and Furever (or at least for now) 😉
Featured image via @allyson_boodram/twitter