Rising star Noodle took a break from the fame to catch some rays...and some Z's!
All work, no play makes Boo a dull dog. So that's why he had some fun in the sun at this posh resort!
Hamilton the Pug took a quick break from city life to ponder the existence of a higher power.
Manny the Frenchie took in a quick game of Poker during a guys night out.
I mean, who doesn't?! Elwin here took a moment to think about some recent decisions.
French Bulldog and fan favorite Sir Charles Barkley suddenly found himself stranded in his hometown of Seattle. Hey, we've all been there!
Sometimes you just need a night in. Marnie cuddled up with a beer and a good show to enjoy some R&R.
Max of Minnie and Max Pugs Intsa-fame would rather steer clear of the notoriously vicious Game of Thrones character (although we bet even Joffrey couldn't resist this pup's cuteness).
The sleepy star snuggled up for a well-deserved siesta.
Your attention please! We're experiencing a train delay due to cuteness! Even cool celebs like Hamilton the Pug take the subway.
Instagram duo Harlow and Sage mugged for the cameras while hanging at home.
Larry and Boone stepped out for a quick caffeine fix, courtesy of Starbucks!
Girl's gotta eat! Rosie the Chihuahua treated herself to a bag of Cheetos.
This popular Pittie wasn't too happy to find himself face-to-face with this fearsome predator. We're with you, pup -- sharks are pretty terrifying!
Oh, you don't? Sorry, never mind. This one probably shouldn't be in here then.
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Celebrity Dogs! They’re Just Like Us! (Except Cooler)

Famous dogs may be beautiful, rich and famous, but these pics prove they’re just like us (except, you know, more beautiful, rich and famous).

Featured image via @itsdougthepug