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Totally frustrated with their friends and family repeatedly asking them when they were going to have a baby, Abby Lee and Matt Kay decided to answer the question in the most adogable way pawssible: With a newborn baby-style photoshoot. The twist? There's no baby, just their cutie pie puppy Humphry. Click through to see some of the stunning photos of the beautiful family.
Look at how happy the couple is with their cuddly bundle of joy!
Pawrenting is virtually the same as regular parenting. You do have to teach your precious little one how to walk.... (Yes, we know pawrenting and parenting are actually nothing alike.)
There is no sweeter feeling than when your puppy lovingly looks up at you with those big puppy eyes.
The only thing cuter than a baby in a basket is a puppy in a basket. (Ugh, I want to smoosh this guy's face with so many kisses!)
Seriously, those puppy eyes! I.Simply.Cannot.Handle!
Admit it, puppy burritos are cuter than baby burritos.
Let's break this down: Puppies and babies both need lots of love, cuddles and noms. Plus, they both poop all the time. What's the difference? Really?
Okay, okay. There's a big difference between raising a puppy and raising a baby. But, they both bring love and joy into your life. And, for some people, all we need is a dog (or a few of them) to make our family feel complete and our lives totally full of love.
You can see more photos of the happy family on Elisha Minnette's Facebook Page, linked below.
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