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"I watch over this haunted mansion while the ghosts are at their day jobs."
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"Watching scary movies? How convenient that I just happen to be lurking behind you, waiting for you to turn around and throw that popcorn everywhere."
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"...........You didn't wash your hands."
Note: This woman does NOT own a dog.
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Wondering why there are no trick or treaters at your house this year? This is probably why.
"I am possessing your body. Now open the fridge and bring me all the bacon, POSTHASTE."
Demon dog or Batman? Both?
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"Let me in. I promise I won't drink your blood. Well...I promise I won't drink all of it."
"That's right, human. Keep watching those sitcoms. Let it slowly rot your brain, just as I planned."
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Nothing to see here. Just a demon Chihuahua undressing you with his demon eyes.
That moment when you're minding your business and then suddenly realize your dog is wishing death upon you.
Horror movie lesson #1: NEVER go upstairs.
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When you just get out of a relationship but someone else ain't quite over it yet.
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Suspiciously clean couch with a suspiciously creepy dog? Nothing weird about that.
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"Flessssh. Uh, we mean FISH. Yeah, sweet sweet fiiisssh."
*heavy breathing*
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"The previous family only lasted a year here. You're next."
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"Enter at your own risk."
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"Look into my eyes, human. I just ate your sandwich, and you're not going to do anything about it. Now turn back around and go back to bed."
"Come out and plaa-yaay."
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Ghost dog. Scaring away children for over a 100 years.
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20 Creepy Dogs Who Unintentionally Scared The Crap Out Of Us

Have you ever stopped and thought about how creepy your dog is? The way they stalk you, the way they watch you as you sleep, the way they lurkĀ around the corner when it’s dinner time? Dogs are the peeping toms of the animal world. Here’s a tribute to their eeriest moments.