10 Signs You’re Being Cyber Bullied By A Pug

10 Signs You’re Being Cyber Bullied By A Pug

So you’re being bullied. No, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not your fault. There are just some terrible people in the world who delight at the torment and humiliation of others. Some of them happen to be Pugs.

Thanks to the Internet, mean-spirited Pugs have been allowed to unleash a new kind of attack on their victims, and they’ll stop at nothing to make your life online a living hell. But how can you be sure the one sending you anonymous DMs and ruining your reputation isn’t really just a furry potato-shaped puppy? Here are ten ways to know if you’re being cyber bullied by a Pug.

1. They constantly text you snorts.

1 Text Screengrab1 Text Photo

2. They taunt you for breathing funny.

2 Whatsapp Screengrab22 Whatsapp Photo

3. They poop on everything you tweet.

3 pug3 Tweet Photo

4. They post humiliating pictures of you from very low angles.

4 Snapchat Screengrab 24 Snapchat Photo

5. They change your passwords to Pugwords.

5 Password Screengrab 2

6. They hack your social media with Pug insults.

6 FB Hack Screengrab 36 FB Hack Photo

7. They burn you on Pug reddit.

Pug Bully Reddit

8. They trick you with Pug pranks.

8 Email Screengrab 28 Email Photo

9. They Pugfish you on Tinder.

9 Tinder Screengrab 2

10. When you fight back they respond with a head tilt.

10 Head Tilt Screengrab 210 Head Tilt Photo
So there you have it. Let’s hope you never have to suffer the wrath of a naughty Pug with a laptop. Cyber bullying is bad enough, and it’s even worse to know your attacker is an adorable smoosh-faced pup (even if they are a jerk). The only way to stop cyber bully Pugs is to speak up when it happens and teach your Pugs not do it. And if you ever catch them beating up on somebody online, let that Pug know they’ve been a very, very bad dog!