17 Pups With Hilarious Demon Eyes

17 Pups With Hilarious Demon Eyes

Do you know the legend of the hellhound? According to ancient lore, this wicked beast stalks the night. It walks on all fours. Its eyes glow. Its fangs drip with the blood of its victims.

It’s also a whole lot of hooey. The legend of the hellhound likely stems from primitive humans’ fear of the wolf.

Wolves Great Lakes

Image via Wired

Even though we’re civilized now and firmly on top of the food chain, the legend of the hellhound persists to this day, largely because of misleading phodography.

For instance, take the dog below. Though quite hellhound-ish in appearance, this pup is really just yawning, which any seasoned dog lover could tell you.


Image via Wired

So let’s take a look at some other pics that misleadingly contribute to the theory of the hellhound. Or, as I like to call it, “17 Dogs So Crazy People Think They Come From Another Dimension!”

1. “I’m not begging. I’m commanding.” #LookIntoMyEyes


Image via Sansan Pups

2. One of these pups takes his walks… in blood! MWAHAHAHA

3. “Flashlight? No thanks, I brought my own.”

4. “No, I don’t think we’ll be going to the groomer today, Mother.”


Image via ilovelollypops

5. Everybody run! Don’t let the polka dot bow fool you!

6. She’s only a hellhound at the vet.

7. Little did he realize, he wasn’t supposed to hug his dog after midnight.

8. “Play with me.”

9. Another misleading photo. The cat’s evil doesn’t even resonate on film.

10. “Yes. Happy New Year. The Year of the Hellhound!” #BwahHaHaHa

11. Someone get the holy water, quick!

12. “Why don’t you return my phone calls?!”

13. “Wake up, Mommy.” #TimeToFeed

14. Step cautiously near the slumbering beast…

15. “It’s alive! It’s alive!”

16. “If you make another 101 Dalmatians joke…”

17. “Come to bed. I’ve kept your pillow warm for you.” #LastNightsSleep

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Featured image via Wired