Meet Casper, A Dingus Who Pees On Every Plastic Bag He Sees

Meet Casper, A Dingus Who Pees On Every Plastic Bag He Sees

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This week’s dingus is dingus unlike any dingus we’ve ever had. Casper is a dingus with a vendetta – a vendetta against plastic bags.


No one knows how plastic bags wronged him, but by now, the plastic bags of NYC are very, very sorry for whatever they did. You see, Casper pees on every single plastic bag he sees.


Casper is a rescue dingus from NYC Shiba Rescue and lives with his dad Mike Bass. Casper also has a sister named Oren.

Unlike her brother, Oren is totally sane, as evident in the expressions on the pups’ faces in the below photo.

casper and oren

Also, Oren does not have a vendetta against plastic bags. She is also confused by Casper’s behavior.

casper bag 2

To be fair to this pup, it can be difficult to be a dog in NYC. There’s very little grass on which to do your thang. Some dogs, like my own, refuse to go on concrete and will hold it until the poop just falls out of their butt in the middle of a busy intersection. (Yes, my dog and I are both still traumatized by this.)


As far as I know, Casper has never pooped or peed in the middle of a crosswalk, but in true Shiba fashion, he has decided he’s totally done for the day in the middle of an intersection.

casper crosswalk

Seriously, anyone who wants a Shiba, please remember, they are total jerks.

But, really, I don’t think the fear of peeing on concrete explains Casper’s behavior. Like I said, this guy HATES plastic bags. He has to show every single one who’s boss.

Maybe he just hates littering?


Nah, that can’t be it. He’s just a dingus.

You can follow his adventures in peeing on his Instagram, @CasperTheAdorableShiba.