10 Breeds That Would Totally Get You Killed In The Apocalypse

10 Breeds That Would Totally Get You Killed In The Apocalypse

The world was supposed to end at midnight on Jan 1, 2000. Then again, on December 21, 2012. And yet, all our lumps and bumps, Kardashians and Trumps are still here. Thank Dog. Still, it’s best to be prepared, so I have compiled a list of inevitable potential doomsday scenarios, and the dogs that will slow the whole “survival” thing down a bit.

1. Meteor Shower

All the Labradors are going to think the flaming balls falling from the sky are well, balls falling from the sky. You’ll be heading for cover, but your Lab will want to play the most epic game of fetch of all time.

“I got it! I got it! I GOT IT!!”LABRITE2
psdvault & @labradoida

2. Water World

In the event that the ice caps melt, covering our earth in water and Kevin Costner-esque sea drifters, Pugs are pug out of luck. A squat body and a smooshed nose is not exactly the ideal swimmer’s body.

“…….Tell me you brought a pool float.”pugwaterworldrockying & @just_doc_

3. Ice Age

Small breeds like Chihuahuas are going to be mighty chilly if the world ever becomes covered with ice and snow. They’ll be shaking like maracas, and don’t even bother with snow booties, because you’ll be carrying these guys everywhere.

“Um, hello? BRR.” coldtunablogspot & @tunameltsmyheart

4. Alien Invasion
Sure, they’re zapping people and cities into oblivion, but that won’t stop your Dachshund from getting all up in that extraterrestrial business; burrowing in their second skins, eating their fuel, and showing them who’s really boss.

Aliens: Take me to your leader!
Dachshund: Right here. That’s me. Wat up? Gimme snacks.
andiinvasioncpierpont & @weirdwiener

5. Super-volcano Eruption

Your Bulldog is not having all this running-from-lava stuff.

“You carry me the rest of the way. End of story. End of world.”frankopalypseLast Word On Nothing&@frankiegoestowork

6. Zombie Apocalypse

Golden Retrievers love EVERYBODY. What’s actually a bloodthirsty swarm of snarling, undead, lepers just looks like a party to them.

“Mo-om! Wake up! I found us friends!!”zombiemissye-sim & @tailof2goldens

7. Infectious Disease.

Good luck with your Shar Pei. Those wrinkly, piles of love are already allergic to everything without adding a biochemical warfare into the atmosphere. Plus, I couldn’t find a single canine hazmat suit that fit their physique.

“…………achoo…….”hazmatTaylor Holmes & Pinterest

8. Societal Collapse

If civilization collapses and anarchy is the only governing system, those Beagles will not know when to keep their mouths shut. They’ll alert the land-pirate gangs about your secret hiding spot within minutes with that howl.

“HEY! HEY! HEY! LOOK WHAT I CAN DO! AROOOOOO!” beagleapocalypseDigital Art Gallery & @cait_mangan

9. Limited Resources

Overpopulation, limited resources, whatever it may be, Rhodesian Ridgebacks will always be mighty hungry.

“Da-ad! I’m ready for my second dinner! Nomnomnomnomnom.” 2dinnerApocalypse Zone & @katerinazdr

10. ApoCATalypse!
….We’re all gonna die.

“Mam… do you think they’ll um, like me?” charlypseArchitectural After Life & @adogintheapple

Featured image via stuffpoint&@zoyzalsa