Before I get started, I'll do a quick bio for myself. Katie, 27. Stand-up comedian. Went to college, but now runs a dog meme account. 4'11, but holding on to hope that she can still grow. Hates pesto. So that's me. Here are some biographies of dogs that will probably remind you of yourself, your squad, your grandma... and that weird guy next door.
1. We all know a Carol.
2. Everyone has a kinky side. Even Barb.
3. We all went to middle school with a Charlie.
Source: @shitheadsteve
4. “Kids these days do so much pot.”-Rick, probably.
5. How’s that V05 conditioning treatment working out for you, Dolores?
6. Curtis listens to Talib Kweli and wore Converses to his prom.
7. No one casseroles like Nancy. No one.
Source: @shitheadsteve
8. Get a job Brock.
9. Broderick hates being vulnerable you can just tell.
Source: @shitheadsteve
10. *Shakes her head in disgust.*
11. Definitely a musical theater major. No question.
Source: @shitheadsteve
12. Joe DEFINITELY puts his napkin around his neck like a bib.
13. Sharon would like her dressing on the side please.
Source: @theworldpolice
14. Another Sharon we’ve all met before.
Source: @shitheadsteve
15. She and Sharon #1 are probably frenemies.
16. You’ve definitely taken a yoga class from Chelsea.
Source: @shitheadsteve
17. Patty is living the dream.
18. Trevor hates the mainstream media.
Source: @shitheadsteve
19. Alice is going to go on to do great things.
20. Ok Michelle is actually me.
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20 Dogs’ Bios That’ll Definitely Remind You Of That Weird Friend Or Family Member

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