Source: @backattacked
"New haircut? Perhaps this means no groomer for me this month..."
Source: @rubysparklz
"Fabulous skirt! (Totally stealing it out of your closet later.)"
Source: @chickita830
"After your workout, perhaps you'll want to get cozy with a hotdog? Namely me."
"Dats a nice necklace, miss lady." *breathes heavily*
"Blending into the rug is my main tactic for the perfect creep-attack."
Source: @kfoote09
"Big muscles are cool but I'm really good at getting my belly rubbed!"
Source: @djsmexyt
"Uh, oh hey. Nothing to see here."
Source: @puntsie
"Human, are you actually...TWO humans?!"
Source: @beeler10
"Yeah, yeah I got a trick I can do on that pole. (I'm talking about pee.)"
Source: @emitime
"Ladies, I hope you are bringing me along to this 'da club' of which you speak." #TurnPup
Source: @be3yoga
"OK, you can stop showing off now, human. You know how self-conscious I am about my short legs."
"Peace? Not until I get some treats."
Source: @lickwidsoap
"Not a bad howl face you got there. Now let's hear it."
"Your doga practice is inspiring. Really."
Source: @frithalouise
"See, I told you those boots would look hot on you. Now let's go outside. I have some fresh poo for you to step in."
"Man I can't wait to piss inside that bag."
Source: @jenniannroe
"I don't think your followers care about your legs, human. Ew, so hairless."
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17 Creeptastic Dogs Who Are Here To Totally Upstage Your Hot Body Selfie

Post-workout or pre-stepping out, sometimes you’re feeling yourself hard and must document it for social media. Not to be left out, these pups knew their appearances in your full-length selfie might bring them closer to internet fame.

Featured image via @djsmexyt