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1. PLAY ALONG ALL DAY. What?? The most popular answer wasn't "bark at it"??
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2. STAND WATCH. Yes that is, uh, one way to do it.
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3. REDECORATE A LITTLE. Yep, just gotta move the bed to the hallway… knock over a few plants… and, perfect!
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4. WORK ON THEIR LIFE-SIZE JENGA TOWER. Two or three more pups and we'll really have something here, fellas.
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5. INVADE YOUR NIGHTMARES. Oh ya know, just a little light haunting.
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6. FIG-- Ay Chihuahua! They're catching on to us. Let's move on, quickly---
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7. SAMPLE THE MASTER BEDROOM. Yeah, that's more like it.
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8. CUDDLE UP TO THE ENEMY. And it's near impossible to agree on a sleep number.
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9. CHILL THE PUP OUT. Hey, we all get pooped out.
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10. TREAT THEMSELVES. I'd be mad if I wasn't so impressed.
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11. WHATEVER THIS IS. The Derp is strong in this one…
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12. MUG FOR THE CAMERA. Yeah, they're definitely on to us.
I mean…
13. TAKE TURNS ON LOOKOUT. We must be ever ready. Ever ready for squirrels.
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14. TALK TO FRIENDLY GHOSTSWe're not sure why this dog is standing on a table and enthusiastically chatting at no one. So we came to the most reasonable conclusion: flying ghosts.
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15. FULFILL THEIR APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTIONThat moment when you see your dog destroying your curtains and there's nothing you can do about it.
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16. HELP THEMSELVES TO GROCERIESUnfortunately for them, that bag is full of nothing but Kale.
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And sometimes: 17. FIND THE PERFECT BALANCE. Because they might be a little doofy… but they really are the sweetest.
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