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i'll throw the ball for hours, however long it takes to distract me from myself.
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#1 greatest fear officially confirmed.
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Stuck in the middle with you.
Oh man, I thought it was just my "Saturn Return."
That's why all my friends are dogs. Next!
Does this mean you don't want me to MAKE you dinner? Yeah, that's what I thought.
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Shmeh. Here, have a nacho.
To say this while I pick up your poop is really below the belt.
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Have you been on my Tinder again??
Geez, man! Throw me a friggin bone!
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Best idea you've had all day.
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...you're adopted.
Easy for some one aging in dog years to say...
Get a job!
Who can say?
I don't know, I'll ask the groomer to shave you so we can see.
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...fair enough.
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20 Beautiful Illustrations Of Dogs Confirming Your Dark And Private Fears

Although Brooklyn dog walker and artist Brad Pearson spends nearly every day with the best creatures on Earth, he still hates himself like the rest of us struggles with negative thoughts. He decided to capture that dissonance in his latest illustration project, “My Mean Mind,” which pairs drawings of the furry, friendly faces of the dogs he walks, with his own sinister, self-defeating inner monologue. Click through the slideshow and you’ll find yourself simultaneously wincing with recognition, and smiling because who doesn’t like a little ruff love every now and then?

Prints of “My Mean Mind” are available on Pearson’s Etsy page. Follow him on Instagram.