When you've waited a lifetime for your human to just throw the ball already.
“Oh boy, here comes the mail.”
When you find the perfect stick and your owner likes to wear a top hat to the park.
Source: Dawn Fields
“Well, go on then. Aren’t you going to sniff my butt?”
Source: Robyn L
“I’ll find out who’s been pooping on our lawn if it’s the last thing I do!”
Source: Darleen Marie
“Oh, so you ran out of your nine lives? Tragic.”
“Bruh, I can’t believe someone left all these toys here!”
When your squad rolls deep.
“I know I buried it here somewhere. I just can’t find it because it smells like bones everywhere.”
“It’s just really nice when stores leave water bowls out for thirsty pups, ya know?”
Source: Laurel Hahn
“The new neighbors are a weird bunch. I can see right through them all.”
“May this crowning achievement in my life be immortalized for all to see.”
Source: Sheryl Frank
“Let me out so I can beg to come back in again…forever.”
Source: Robert Wray
Waiting for your human to take you for a walk like:
Source: Bryan Bryant
“I hope he brought one poop bag, because I’ve got TWO poops!”
“Does this mean I have to share my toys?”
Source: Aostara Kaye
Your face when you think about trick-or-treaters running away from your door when they see your awesome decorations.
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Doggy Skeletons Are The Latest Halloween Trend To Have Us Screaming…With Laughter

As soon as the weather starts getting a bit cooler, people bring out the holiday decorations. Fans of scaring the poop out of passersby put out cobwebs, fake tombstones, and jack-o’-lanterns. But lately, we’ve spotted a new decoration hanging out on lawns: doggy skeletons!

We asked our ruvly readers to share any dog skeleton sightings you’ve encountered, and you guys delivered! Here are 17 Halloween decorations that’ll stop you AND your pup in your tracks.

Featured image via Greenhead