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Yep, I'm as charming as an eel. Deal with it.
Wish in one hand, poop in the other.
Source: @btroth
Both are equally Scrooge-y.
Source: @alisonridout
"This outfit is better suited for a dog anyway!"
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Who's a filthy animal? You are! You are!
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"Check the bottom of your stocking for a stinky surprise!"
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"An indoor leg to pee on. You shouldn't have."
Dingus Rudolph or OG Rudolph? Eh..they're both dinguses when you think about it.
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"Swaddled and showered with praise is the only way for a Pug to live."
"At least I'm not allergic to warm weather like SOME people."
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Double the treats?
#PugCon 2015 was such a blast this year, bro!
"Run, run, run as fast as you can, because I'm gonna get you for making me wear this."
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Happy Corgmas!
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15 Dogs That Weirdly Resemble Holiday Characters

Dog faces in place of all the classic Christmas characters? Yes, please. From the Grinch to the baby Jesus to Santa Con bros, these dogified versions will really get you in the holiday spirit.

Featured image via Pinterest/YouTube