12 Amazing New Ways To Use A Dog Around The House

12 Amazing New Ways To Use A Dog Around The House

Do you want a dog, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to take the paw-lunge? Worried that a new furry, best buddy will be too expensive or not fit into your current lifestyle? Well, worry no more! What many non-dog owners don’t realize is that pups actually serve multiple purposes around the house. By bringing a dog into your home, you’ll actually be saving on a bevy of other household necessities! Each pup is different, but here are 12 different ways you could use a multi-purpose pup around the house.

1. As a mop.
Wet dog? Clean floors!

2. As a linen closet.
Your overnight guests will be so impressed!

3. As a duvet.
To keep you toasty throughout the night.

4. As an accent table.
Great at parties. Not recommended for hot coffee mugs.

5. As a bookcase.
This one’s portable! Très chien chic.

6. As a dishwasher.
Your dishes will be sparkling with slobber!

7. As an office desk.
You have a two o’clock at the dog park.


8. As a vacuum.
Slow, but effective.

9. As a fan.
Tail attachments recommended to fan a larger room. The happier the dog, the cooler the temp!

10. As an alarm clock.
Wakey, wakey! Kibble and Bakey!

A really, really, really, good alarm clock…

11. As a shoe rack.
Two dogs needed per pair.

12. As a rug.
This one’s kind of non-negotiable.


We’re just kidding! We know that dogs are best used for lovin’, snugglin’, and spoilin’.

We don’t think of dogs as household objects, despite the fact that having a dog instantly turns every house into a home. 😉

Now go get a dog!


Featured Image via Stuff On Scouts Head