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You can thank apps like Face Swap Live for keeping face swapping, one of the Internet's creepiest trends, alive. You have to admit, though, these dog/human face swaps are hilarious. Or terrifying. Here are a few of our favorites.
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"Hey man, can I borrow your shirt? I think the plaid would really compliment my fur."
Remember Furbys?
Like... what is even happening here???
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That smoky eye really goes with your sniffer!
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It's disturbingly natural.
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"I know the darkness inside your soul."
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"I have no idea what I'm doing."
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"Do you notice the family resemblance?"
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It's like a Hallmark photo... in hell.
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Human looks a little too enthused about this.
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Meanwhile, in an alternate universe...
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"Oh, you just wait until we get home, buddy. I'm gonna pretend to throw the ball, hide it behind my back, and then pretend to throw it again."
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Human: "I always wanted a full face beard!" Dog: "I always wanted a hip, ironic smirk!"
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These Hilarious Yet Terrifying Human/Dog Face Swaps Can Never Be Unseen

Featured image via Anna Maria – Cool Dog Group/Facebook