The Sims For Dog Lovers Invites Hoomans into the Minds of Pups

The Sims For Dog Lovers Invites Hoomans into the Minds of Pups

What if you could put yourself in your dog’s shoes? For twenty minutes? For an hour? For a day? With “Dog Park”, you could pretend you’re a dog forever, if you so chose. And we wouldn’t blame you.

Video game designer Kevin Cancienne is working on a new game that would enter a dog’s psychology like no others have.

Remember The Sims? Well it’s like that, except for dog lovers. And totally pared down: This is the world the way your dog sees it, and nothing more.

“When it comes to play, the dog’s only goal is to keep on having more fun,” Cancienne said.

What does that mean? In Dog Park, you’re a dog (a stray dog, to be more accurate, since we don’t see many leashes in the Dog Park universe). You run around your city, meet other dogs, play, and just generally act like a pup.

dog park 3Image via @potatojin

In Dog Park, you get no points, gain no levels, and the game doesn’t come to an end. You just…go about your business. Like a dog.

DOG PARK 2 Image via Kevin Cancienne

By deciding to make the gameplay how a dog would want it, Cancienne gives the gamer a sense of what it’s like to be a dog, or to just be: play for play’s sake.

The game will be presented publicly for the first time at No Quarter, an annual game exhibition at the NYU Game Center in September.

h/t to Kill Screen Daily