Everyone has that one friend...who is determined to be in every picture with you when you guys go out.
...who's out of commission before you make it even half way through the walk.
...who can never seem to take a serious photo.
...who's always been more of a Beyonce rather than a member of Destiny's Child.
...who always feels the need to remind you that he ran track in high school. ALL. THE. TIME.
Source: Imgur
...who always insists on taking selfies at inappropriate times.
...who always has to make sure that every party he attends is "lit."
...who will do ANYTHING for attention.
...who requires to have a smell check before you guys head out for the night.
Source: Tumblr
...who can never play it cool when they see a cute boy.
...who should really learn from the old adage 'talk less, smile more.'
...who does not understand the concept of personal space.
...who gets WAY more into costume parties than you do.
...who always manages to stand out, no matter what.
... and, who despite how different we are from them, love US just the way we are!
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15 Dog Pics That Perfectly Capture “That Friend”—You Know The One

A good friend is one that loves you just the way you are. They’re there for you through the good times and the bad. They know just how to deal with your type of crazy, and will always stick by your side! Sometimes, however, this is easier said than done.

Never fear! These doggos can relate to you and your crazy friends, because they too have to manage their mangy mutt pals. They too know that everyone has that one friend…

Featured image via imgur