Couple Spends Thousands Of Dollars To Keep Their Dog’s Paws Off Of Their Food

Couple Spends Thousands Of Dollars To Keep Their Dog’s Paws Off Of Their Food

Meet Rollo, a nine-year-old, Chocolate Labrador from England, with an appetite so astounding it is worth a small fortune.


It’s no surprise that dogs like their food, but this Labrador takes the cake (literally). In fact, he is so obsessed with eating, that his owners, Sue Kirk and Stewart Maher, just spent £25,000 (over $38,000) “Rollo-proofing” their kitchen.


Sue adopted Rollo six years ago from The Labrador Lifeline Trust. The insatiable pup was only three years old, but had already been abandoned by three different owners because of his endless appetite!


Rollo’s “passion for rations” make him a bone-a-fide food looter, but hopefully the new, canine-unfriendly, kitchen will be paws off. The eating area now has a refrigerator with a raised handle, all cabinet and drawer handles have been replaced, and the only way into the kitchen is through a sturdy, latched door.

“In our old kitchen,” Sue told The Daily Mail, “Rollo had learned how to open all of the cupboard doors and could get in to munch away at his heart’s content.” The hungry, hungry, pup used to get into the fridge, dishwasher and cabinets; he would jump up on tables; and he even taught himself how to use a step-pedal trash can.


However, Rollo’s pillaging doesn’t stop in the kitchen, he also rummages through Sue’s garden. “We’ve got a stairgate on the greenhouse, but he’ll body-bash it to get at the tomatoes.”


Despite growing an apple tree in their backyard, Sue and Stewart never get to enjoy the (literal) fruits of their labor! “He’ll do anything for an apple… He’s even bounded up onto the trampoline and bounced up and down to get at the apples!”

Rollo gets to food like he’s starring in a heist movie, (“Once he even undid Stewart’s briefcase and ate his lunch out of his lunch box.”) but even more shocking is what he’ll eat, because this hilarious chowhound is also the ultimate omnivore.

Eating entire cases of yogurt and five large cakes in one sitting is impressive enough, but this voracious pup makes a garbage disposal look like a picky eater…


Rollo ate through Tupperware in order to get to 12 chocolate muffins! He’s also eaten a box of cigarettes, an entire jar of mincemeat (including the glass), and once, Sue even caught him scarfing down a box of rat poison.

Worth it.

“We’ve spent thousands over the years on vet’s bills,” Sue says, “but he’s worth every penny.”

Just add it to the tab, Rollo. ☺
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H/t and Featured image via The Daily Mail