".....You missed a spot."
Source: DogShaming
"You don't have to cook, ma. It's 2016! Let's smash the patriarchy..together."
"Spoiler alert: It was delicious."
Source: DogShaming
"And what? Let it go to waste? That's bad for the environment, ma."
Source: DogShaming
"Because that's how I roll -- literally."
Source: DogShaming
"I'm saving you from yourself, Melissa."
Source: DogShaming
"That cheese aroma is just too hard to resist."
"You got a better way to make sandals? Yeah, didn't think so."
"Now we're both not getting some."
Source: DogShaming
"Yeah, let's see how well you carry that 20lb box of cereal all by yourself!"
Source: DogShaming
"I'm not saying you need a new coat, but....maybe it's time you got a new coat."
Source: DogShaming
"The hydrochloroquinone was especially scrumptious."
"Mom's love life: eliminated"
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15 “Dog Shaming” Pictures Of Dogs Who Suck At This Whole Mother’s Day Thing

Like a confused, hormonal teenager, sometimes it’s hard for dogs to express their feelings. They want to say “I love you!”, but instead they pull your hair and drop a grasshopper down your shirt during recess. But hey, it’s the thought that counts. Here are 15 dogs trying their darndest — and failing.

All images via DogShaming