15 Dogs That Have Way More Swag Than You

15 Dogs That Have Way More Swag Than You

I mean, let’s face it. You try really hard. You do. And these dogs just eviscerate you in the swag department. I’m sorry. I really wish there was something we could do to help. We hate to rub it in, but…

1. Come on. You’ve never been this cool in your life.

fur hatSource: imgur

2. The first step is acceptance.

aviatorsSource: imgur

3. This pup went to Wesleyan, freelances, and lives in Greenpoint. And he has more swag than you.

only hatSource: Jeux online

4. Of course these actually have a prescription.

oversize lensesSource: imgur

5. He can pull off a jean jacket. Unironically.

jean jacketSource: Menswear Dog

6. The first to make a sideways baseball cap look fresh since the Fresh Prince.

sideways baseball capSource: imgur

7. “Please don’t call me a hipster. That word has just been so overused.”

hipsterpupSource: imgur

8. “I’m thinking of moving to Colorado. You know, to get some fresh air. Or something.”

hoodie pupSource: imgur

9. “My hooman is an urban beekeeper. I think that’s sort of over.”

booksSource: Craft Foxes

10. “I’ve been feeling a very 70s, Birkin vibe this season.”

hipster-dog-bicycle-2Source: Joonbug

11. “Street style photographers are always stopping me, it’s so annoying. I’m like, trying to get somewhere!”

street styleSource: Design You Trust

12. “Istafame is such a double-edged sword. Sometimes you just need to unplug, you know?”

toastSource: @toastmeetsworld

13. “You’re wearing that? Oh. Ok.”

menswear dogSource: Menswear Dog

14. Face it. Swag just comes naturally to us.

supremeSource: Phenomenal Swagg

15. And we’re not sorry.

swag 2Source: Swagimals