The Top 10 Dog Vines Of 2014

The Top 10 Dog Vines Of 2014

2014 was another great year for the doges, and few people celebrate dogs the way those masters of the short-short Vine. Six seconds hardly seems like enough time to capture the huggable hilarity of any dog, yet somehow these Vines manage to do it.

Here we count down the Top Dog Vines of 2014, ordered by views and taken from the most popular Vine accounts of 2014:

10. Dogs be like, “WTF just happened?”

9. Do you hear a refrigerator opening?

8. Can your dog do that?

7. How to make a hotdog.

6. Dogs love to be hugged.

5. How your older dog feels when you get a puppy.

4. World’s Greatest Frisbee Dog (Shh, it’s Marney!)

3. Dude, you surf worse than my dog. #Pawabunga

2. The Doxie Fire Squad conducts a drill.

1. How you feel every time you have to leave your dog at home.

Featured image via Pheed