12 Funniest Dog Vines Of 2015

12 Funniest Dog Vines Of 2015

Year after year our canine companions work hard to amuse us hoomans. It’s no easy feat, ensuring their derp is strong and their foolishness is affable. And they do it all for nothing but a belly rub and a snack. Here are 15 top dogs whose hard work certainly paid off.

1. This dancing doge who held the beat this year.

2. This tater tot loving dog who has a hoarding problem.

3. This dog, who reminded us of Falkor the luckdragon from “The Neverending Story.”


4. This dog who learned how to use the slide WITHOUT any instructions.

5. This dog channeling his inner Adele.

6. This dog staying true to himself.

7. This dog trying to see if his owner is ready for the dog park.

8. These dogs who let themselves out.

9. This pup who understands the importance of a Phil Collins drum solo.

10. This guy who could really use a visit from an exorcist (volume needed for full, immersive effect).

11. This guy who doesn’t want his brother in his selfie.

12. And lastly, this little Husky who just might be our spirit animal.