Dog Learns How To Turn On Windshield Wipers Just So He Can Bark At Them

How bad do you want to catch those windshield wipers, little guy? Are you ready to chase them to the ends of the windshield and back? Are you ready to shriek-bark until the wipers bow down to you? Can you keep your eye directly on those wipers everywhere they go, even if it means you have to dance a crazy little head-swirling tornado dance?

…And if the wipers stop, does that mean you’ve won? Never!! If the wipers stop, that means it’s time for you to set your little paw on the lever and get them going, again and again.

I love this dog. He knows that sometimes the thrill of the chase means more than victory. This guy’s little windshield wiper freak-out is absolutely infectious. Pray for rain!

h/t Funny Clips Daily