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1. They call this dog "The Ass Whisperer."
2. "So I says, why don't you go and find your OWN damn goose?!"
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3. "Well...I'm going to be honest. You look nothing like your OKCupid profile."
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4. "Yeah, I'm more of a lickER. Not really a fan of being the lickEE."
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5. "Hey now. Keep your head up. There are other deer in the forest."
6. "So can we keep him or WHAT?!"
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8. Ass to mouth: When you sniff each other's butts and then sniff each other's noses and then you sniff each other's noses but you realize what your butt smells like now and you're like, "Hmm that's interesting." #learning
9. When you run into your ex with your new Bambae. #oof #pawkwardmoments
10. When your friend shows up 15 minutes late & blames it on traffic & you're like, "Really bro? We're in a forest right now."
11. "Excuse me? I'm trying to sniff your butt here. RUDE."
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12. "Meet me in the woods at 9pm. Bring the peanut butter. Things are going to get weird."
13. "Listen dear, they may not be into butt sniffing where you're from, but that's just how we say hello around here. Get used to it."
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14. When you think you're just going in for a peck and not mentally prepared for that much tongue.
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15. "You buck with my friends, you buck with me."
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16. When you're annoyed at bae and they're trying to make it up to you.
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17. "You've been eating poop again haven't you?" "No comment."
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18. "OK, don't look now, but that doe over there was TOTALLY checking you out."
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19. When you're late for work, but you know your boo will get mad if you don't kiss her.
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20. When you lose your favorite ball & your deer friend is there for you.
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20 Disney-Worthy Moments Between Dogs And Deer

Some dogs are skeptical of deer. To be honest, I don’t blame them. As a general rule, I don’t mess with anything that has antlers. But after scouring the internet, I’ve had a change of heart. And I now think deer are magical creatures. Let this warm your heart.