12 Reasons Why Dogs and Roomba Are the Pawfect Companions

12 Reasons Why Dogs and Roomba Are the Pawfect Companions

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Have you ever stopped to think about how Roomba is so much more than a DJ, a cat chariot (cringe), and a canine cab? Roomba is a serious cleaning tool that can do the work for you. Most im-paw-tant of all, Roomba is a cheerful home companion that happens to suck up dirt, fur, and allergens. Because of this we’ve dedicated an entire post to the wonderful differences between Roomba and pups… Demonstrating why dogs and Roomba are the pawfect companions.
11. You won’t step on Roomba’s tail. (HE HAS NO TAIL!)

EUkGFaldog tail
10. Roomba won’t get lost on a solitary walk. Roomba has automatic docking and will return to his home base between cleaning sessions. (Who’s a good boy!??!)

9. Roomba doesn’t fall down the stairs.

MwDzG0udog stairs 
8. You don’t have to spend money feeding your Roomba. ROOMBA FINDS HIS OWN FOOD!

7. No poop bags OR vacuum bags!

rTFe9QLdog poop 
6. If Roomba eats stuff off the floor he won’t need a co$tly vet visit.

USx3r0kdog cat food 
5. Roomba doesn’t fart. Which is also a con… You can’t blame farts on Roomba. BUT–You CAN hide the Roomba and take credit for the clean floors.

mlEc2sodog fart 
4. What you come home to with a dog… And what you come home to with Roomba.

Ilpgnzgdog mess 
3. Roomba doesn’t hump stuff. Roomba is a POLITE GENTLEMAN.

Vt42MTcdog humping 
2. When you ask Roomba to do tricks he does them. Dogs, not so much. Just press ‘Clean’ and Roomba will do all the hard work for you.

IYrVi8fdog trick 
1. Conclusion: Since there are arguments that Roomba won’t return your love, we’ve decided that the best life decision is to have Roomba AND a dog. Or two. Of each. Pawfect pawtners.
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