13 Dogs Who Are Better Adults Than You Are

13 Dogs Who Are Better Adults Than You Are

Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Wait, how long have those dishes been in the sink? Is this chicken still good? How do taxes work? I should call Mom…

Adulting is hard! It might look like our pups have it easy, but here are 13 who are running circles around the rest of us.

1. This ultra professional has gotten through an entire company meeting without rolling his eyes, butting in or saying things like, “We should talk about this offline.”

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2. This industrious girl is cleaning her apartment because it legitimately needs to be done – not just because she’s hoping to bring her date home tonight.


3. This passionate poster understands that Facebook is not his own personal diary, so he keeps his brunch photos and cryptic Adele lyrics to himself.


4. This pup actually knows what “moderation” means and will not eat all of the ice cream, even though he really, really, really, really, really wants to.


5. This cap signifies that this pup knows the difference between “they’re,” “their” and “there.” He uses this newfound talent in text messages, work emails, and even when he’s hungover!

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6. Even when it’s dark outside, this pup always fits in an after-work jog and NEVER complains. STOP MAKING THE REST OF US LOOK BAD!

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7. This new mom is enjoying time with her kids. She does not use Instagram as her own personal baby album. #babysfirsteverything #pleasestop


8. This puddle of heartbreak knows that the best way to mend a broken heart is time, junk food and a chick flick binge-fest…not drunk texting her ex.

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9. This self-made scholar has actually researched each presidential candidate, has real opinions on them, and prefers intelligent conversation over sharing inaccurate political memes on social media. A true hero for this election season.


10. This mama’s boy remembered Mom’s birthday on his own! And got her something more meaningful than another vanilla-scented candle.


11. All those hours of watching The Food Network have paid off! This girl is no longer settling for Ramen noodles and Easy Mac. She’s still not as good as the kids on MasterChef Jr., but she’ll get there.

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12.This pup has stopped buying new underwear every two weeks and has learned to do laundry on time. Okay, so she didn’t separate the whites, but does anyone actually do that, anyway?


13. This ball of energy turned off Netflix at a decent hour last night and went to bed on time! He also didn’t need seven separate alarms to help him crawl out of bed, either.