Danny Tanner: “Hey Deeej, I just cleaned your the house 5 times! I’m going to start working on my notes for “Wake Up San Francisco,” unless you want to have a very serious discussion as light hearted music plays and then we hug?”
Jesse Katsopolis: Jesse & The Rippers rehearsal in 5 minutes. HAVE MERCY!
Joey Gladstone: Do these glasses make my nose look big? CUT ….IT ….OUT!
D.J. Tanner: Crimped my hair for school tomorrow. Must not mess up before AM…
Stephanie Tanner: Give you my bear? HOW RUDE!
Michelle Tanner: You got it, DUDE!
Aunt Becky: The cast’s “country girl!”
Nicky & Alex Katsopolis: The most adorable twins… well, besides another pair we may know.
Kimmy Gibler: “Hola Tannerinos!”
Source: ABC
Comet: The forever OG.
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Finally, The Cast Of “Full House” If They Were Dogs

Flashback with me, kids of the 80’s & 90’s. Fridays used to be about racing out of school onto the school bus and eagerly anticipating a wild night of pizza and TGIF television. These days, it’s about getting out of work and eagerly anticipating a wild night of pizza, wine and Netflix. Thankfully, your old and new worlds will now collide. Fuller House premieres on Netflix tonight, so you’ll be able to cuddle with your pup on the couch and watch nostalgia ensue.

Although I’m sure your dog’s favorite character will be Comet, we can’t help but wonder what the rest of the Full House cast would look like if they were dogs. Chip-a-dee-ba-ba-BOW-WOW!